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Tuesday 25/04/2017

Fighting Structure Critical Corrosion

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Termarust Technologies is the master distributor of CHLOR*RID products in Canada

Visits to date: 87232 - Latest update: April 2015 

Termarust manufactures the only HRCSA coatings with a 22 year field history of
solving structure critical corrosion on structural steel.

Termarust Technologies, a leading edge coating manufacturer, is dedicated to the development of superior, cost effective, environmentally safe solutions to problems associated with corrosion of steel structures in adverse chemical and/or weather environments.

We foster long-term relationships with fiscally responsible clients and associates through or commitment to our guiding principles.

Crevice Corrosion and Pack Rust are the cancer which is destroying our steel infrastructure from the inside out. Conventional film forming coating systems do not have the active chemistry which can effectively neutralize the corrosion cells which cause crevice corrosion and pack rust. They just cover up the problem. This is why the joints and connections coated with conventional systems bleed out so quickly after coating.

Termarust Technologies formerly Bridgecote Inc. has been treating and stopping crevice corrosion and pack rust for 12 years. The Termarust 2000 series High Ratio Calcium Sulfonate System is the only product that is field proven and which is backed by our 5 year warranty that includes stopping crevice corrosion and pack rust.

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